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Can we just take a minute to appreciate the way Beca watches the Trebles’ performance Jesse?

#She’s hanging back acting all cool #but then the second he steps out on stage her eyes are fixed on him #she doesn’t even notice the Bellas come up behind her #and Fat Amy’s just like ‘gurl we can ALL see your toner through those jeans’ #‘and not just because they’re incredibly tight’ #You can literally see Beca trying not to admit what she already knows #that lip bite says ‘keep it together Mitchell’ #but her smile says ‘i’m totally in love with Jesse’ #then that little sigh at the end #that’s when she realises some of her walls are going to have to come down #and that that’s not such a bad thing after all  

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I've got my ticket for the long way 'round, the one with the prettiest of views...

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“That song is tired. We’re not gonna win with it.”

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